Top Three Insurance Coverage Features and Products for Non-Profits

The top three insurance coverage features and products for social service and non-profit organizations include liability, accident, and workers’ compensation. Organizations can continue business without interruption regardless of damage, accident and injury, or professional liability with these coverage features wholly in place.




Insurance for non profit organizations includes features for general, automobile, directors and officers, and employment practices liability coverages. Myriad options cover claims that might arise such as abuse and molestation, uninsured motorists, crime, and business interruption due to equipment breakdown.




Accident policies provide insurance for non profit organizations, protecting contractors, students, and volunteers. For instance, an injury sustained in an accident that occurs during a mentoring program or sponsored sports activity is covered. In fact, the policy design specifically provides tools and actionable advice for your organization.


Workers’ Compensation


In some states, insurance services administer workers’ compensation policies. Coverage features and options vary, particularly for non-profits and social service agencies. Risk management designs, for example, provide tools for protection in cases involving work-related injuries. Regardless, organizations of all sizes need protection and guidance should a claim arise in the workplace. Agencies offering insurance for non profit organizations assist with complex workers’ compensation issues.


When you choose an agency that provides comprehensive insurance solutions for non-profit organizations, your business can continue to perform a crucial advocacy role. Exclusive products, professional service, and expert claims handling protect non-profits in the event of loss, accident or injury.


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