Three Ways to Protect Your Small Business

When you run a company in Florida, small business insurance is not only a smart investment, it is the law. When looking for the right policies, it is important to know the coverage differences between them. Take a look at the following three common coverage plans to get an idea of what will best serve your business.

  1. General Liability – Your general liability policy is your everyday catchall for any damages incurred as a result of the goods and services you provide. From product recalls to malpractice, general liability insurance will protect your company from paying out of pocket.
  2. Cyber Security – In Florida, small business insurance also covers damages resulting from a cyber breach. In today’s digital age, it is important to protect your employees’ and clients’ information. However, security breaches do occur; when they do, a cyber security policy will provide the resources to investigate the breach and cover any subsequent financial damages.
  3. Worker’s Compensation – If an injury occurs at the workplace, your company may be required to pay workers’ compensation. With a workers’ comp policy, your insurance company will investigate claims, as well as cover the loss of productivity.

Unlike personal insurance, small business insurance protects not only your assets, but your employees’ and clients’ interests, as well. Meet with your insurance broker, and discover which policies can benefit your business.



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