The Most Common Winter Car Accidents

While winter is still a few months away, it’s never too early to start preparing your car insurance in Virginia. Specifically, you should prepare for common winter auto accidents that might lead to you having to file an insurance claim. Not only is this good to know for insurance purposes, but also so that you can ensure your vehicle is ready for winter driving hazards.

Rear-End Collisions

No matter how careful of a driver you might be, there’s no way of telling how careful drivers behind you are. Icy and snow-covered roads result in compromised braking ability. Make sure you leave plenty of distance between yourself and other motorists while driving this winter season.

Sliding Through Intersections

Just because another car isn’t in front of you doesn’t mean you’re not in any danger when you slide out. It’s common for automobiles to slide through stop signs and red lights, which can result in them getting hit by other cars. Again, slow down and give yourself plenty of stopping room.

Poor Visibility

Objects can be covered up by fallen snow and obscured by blowing snow, and low visibility conditions can be made worse at night. Check the weather report as you plan your day and be on the lookout for hidden road hazards.

Keep your premiums for insurance in Virginia where they are by recognizing the most common winter car accidents. Talk with your insurance provider about other steps you can take to be safe.



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