The Importance of Securing Disability Insurance for Surgeons

As a surgeon, you see all manner of injuries day in and day out, but you might be under the impression that those types of injuries happen to everyone but you. And even if they did happen to you, workers compensation, your savings and Social Security insurance would be enough to take care of you until youre able to get back on your feet, right? The truth of the matter is that even if you have all three youre still better off with disability insurance for surgeons.

Enough May Not Be Enough

Something to keep in mind is that a majority of disabilities dont happen in the workplace, which means they wont be covered by any type of workers compensation plan your employer might have. If you become injured or disabled and apply for Social Security benefits, youll most likely be denied. The reason for this is that in order to qualify for such benefits youll have to be fully disabled without any possibility of making a recovery for at least a full year. With those two options out, will your savings account be enough to cover a mortgage, your other insurance policies, food and your financial obligations?

Talk to a reputable company that specializes in disability insurance for surgeons today and make sure you have all of your financial bases fully and efficiently covered.



photo credit: Ana’s well-attended surgery (license)



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