Staffing Insurance and New Hires

Staffing agencies like to work with the same candidates time and again because they have a proven track record, are often dependable to do a good job, and come with good references from former temp employers making them easier to place. But new recruits are what keep the company growing. And when you add a new, fresh face to the equation you may end up with a bad apple every now and then.

A new employee may not work out, and end up claiming he or she has been discriminated against, which can lead to a bad situation for you and your company. This is one of the reasons why staffing insurance is so important.

They may start out on the right foot

Everything may seem fabulous and on the right track until the new recruit shows up late, or maybe they make a serious mistake. It may only happen once, but if it happens twice or three times, it will likely lead to the employer calling you and telling you the person simply isn’t working out. Obviously there are a few performance issues, which means you have to call him in and tell him he just isn’t a “good fit” for this job.

The probation situation is an option

Looking through your employee handbook and checking the section describing the probationary period, you decide this is the proper route to take. The rules are clear about the length of this “get to know you” period. It’s also clear that you can extend it if you choose.

By extending it you are taking the risk that they will foul up again and you will have to fire them. If they are vindictive they may decide to sue you. It’s a tough position to be in but would only be tougher if there isn’t staffing insurance coverage to protect you in the event they file a lawsuit against you.




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