Specialized Construction Insurance Policies

There are many different types of insurance policies geared toward those in the construction business. Some are obvious, such as commercial liability and builders risk policies, but some are more obscure. Knowing about the different types of Clifton construction insurance can help you decide exactly what type of coverage your company needs. Here are a few insurance policies you may not have heard about.

Pollution Liability

This type of policy is incredibly beneficial to those who have to work with toxic or dangerous chemicals. Even if you are very careful with these, accidents happen and people can get hurt. That is why there are policies that are specially designed to cover your expenses in the event of a pollution issue. Pollution liability insurance pays out in order to compensate for cleanup of any pollutants being released. It also covers property damage and injury to others due to contamination.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are a necessity for construction insurance. These help protect the site’s owners in the event of several misfortunes on your part. These bonds help ensure the site owner’s that the work promised will be completed and, if it is not, they will be fairly compensated.

Your options for Clifton construction insurance are anything but limited. There are numerous policies available to help you get everything you need out of your insurance. Making sure every aspect of your business is covered in the event of mishap has never been easier.



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