Why Spaying and Neutering Is So Important

Spaying or neutering your pooch will help ensure it will have a longer, healthier life—and it just might have an effect on your Florida covered canine policy, too. That’s because, in addition to a variety of benefits, spaying and neutering can help reduce aggression and thus the tendency to bite, which in turn reduces the likelihood of an accident for which you could be sued. If that’s not reason enough to seek coverage for your dog, consider the following benefits of spaying females or neutering males:

Female pets

  • A lower risk of breast cancer and infections of the uterus, which could be life-threatening
  • No messy, annoying heat cycles, which affect behavior and attract unwanted male attention
  • No additional expense or responsibility of an unplanned litter of puppies to care for or rehome

Male pets

  • A lower risk of testicular cancer and issues with the prostate
  • Reduced tendency to mark territory, wail, fight other males, spray, or make unwanted sexual advances on female pets, people, or objects
  • Less compulsion to roam in search of a mate, which could lead to the pet being hit by a car, get lost, or get injured in a fight with another animal

For both sexes, spaying and neutering means a calmer pet in general because having to curb the natural urge to mate is removed. You may find that licensing costs are reduced for spayed or neutered pets. Even your community can benefit, as spaying and neutering helps cut down on the number of wandering animals that damage property, overturn garbage cans, create a nuisance, cause accidents when drivers swerve or brake suddenly to avoid stray animals, or bite people.

The cost of spaying or neutering your pet is far outweighed by the benefits that the procedure can offer, and it may make it easier for you to obtain a covered canine policy for your pet as well. Contact a professional insurance agent to learn more about this coverage.



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