Slowing Down the Trend of Hit and Run Driving

A report on this morning’s news: a man was struck while jaywalking against the traffic light, yet was in the crosswalk when he was struck by a speeding car. Witnesses say the driver of the car braked briefly, then—incredibly–sped off into the night without a backward glance, leaving the man to die in the street. Unfortunately, this story was not unusual; you may have noticed that hit and run accidents taking place on the roadways today are happening with troubling frequency. In fact, one out of every five pedestrians who is killed on the road is a victim of hit and run. Meanwhile, the number of hit and runs has spiked by a whopping 19 percent in a two-year period, and continues to rise, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Sometimes the victims are injured, and sometimes they are killed. But in every instance, the fact remains that not just an accident but a crime has taken place, and of course there would be substantial implications for your Windham, Connecticut auto insurance policy.

The laws differ from state to state, but generally a hit and run can be classified as either a misdemeanor or (in cases of more severe bodily injury, death, or damage) a felony; both charges have varying degrees of severity. Experts believe that the growing number of hit and runs is likely attributed to the large number of unlicensed drivers, and the fear of additional penalties that people would face if they are found to be driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol—both of which would compound the crime of the hit and run.

The bottom line: driving is a serious responsibility, not a privilege. Instill this sense of personal responsibility in your family by being a good example. If you witness an accident, be a Good Samaritan if possible, but act with caution so you don’t become injured yourself. And of course, review your Windham, Connecticut auto insurance coverage with your professional insurance agent to make sure your policy includes protection from uninsured motorists as well as hit and run drivers.



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