Sexual Misconduct and Independent Living Facilities Insurance

Independent living communities are basically living facilities set up for older individuals who are no longer comfortable living alone. They might be widowed, or divorced, and while perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, would prefer a community where they can make friends, meet and mingle with others and enjoy activities provided by these communities, such as dances and field trips. Many are set up much like apartments or condominiums and they’re most appropriate for seniors who don’t require assistance with daily activities, such as dressing, cooking or bathing.

You or a loved one may decide that this is a suitable situation for you, but there may be concerns about inappropriate physical and sexual contact. We hear stories in the news about such things taking place, which is why many concerned owners purchase independent living facilities insurance in the event that accusations, whether or not true, are made.

But like most of the senior living industry moving forward, these communities are aware that the problem may exist. A worker, or another patient, or even a visitor to the facility might act suggestive in a way that is deemed inappropriate, and those in charge try to deal with the problem before the issue gets out of hand.

Consensual sex is not an issue

It is, however, difficult to inhibit sexual behaviors, even in cognitively intact human beings. Certainly there are members of society who cannot control these behaviors, and these facilities try to weed them out through the interview process and screenings before admitting anyone into their facility.

Someone accused of making unwanted sexual advances may deny it, or may even make up stories in an attempt to blame the accusing party. The other difficult issue with this is that if a sexual act is performed, deciding whether or not consent was given, then retracted out of personal guilt, regret, or anger at the infringing party. In any case, owners need the comfort of knowing that their independent living facilities insurance will provide guidance and protection throughout the difficulties these accusations may present.



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