Questions to Ask Before Getting Auto Insurance in CT

Car insurance in CT is necessary if you want to drive. You do not want to end up in an accident, even a minor one, and not have insurance. Before signing up with a particular agency, here are a few things you should ask yourself first.

Will Anyone Else Be Driving This Car?

You want to be upfront with your agent if anyone else will be driving your vehicle regularly. If you have a teenager who will be driving, then the amount you will pay will likely go up. However, if you want to put a spouse on your policy, then it will probably be the same provided he or she is viewed as a low-risk driver.

What Discounts Are Available to You?

Take advantage of as many discounts as you can. Students can generally qualify for some if they have proven to be safe drivers and get good grades. If you drive a car with a lot of safety features, then sometimes that can affect the amount you pay every month. Talk with your agent about all the discounts they have available and if you qualify for any.

Going into a meeting with a prospective insurance agent will go a lot more smoothly if you plan out what you need and what questions you are going to ask. You will get the best insurance in CT for your situation if you go in prepared.



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