Protection for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

The oil and gas industry is a highly specialized field, and many people have no idea of the wide variety of risks faced by workers in this industry. Oil and gas insurance in New Mexico protects operators in the field from the numerous challenges they encounter in their work, which run the gamut from potential property and equipment damage to liability as a result of bodily injury. It’s critical to get the right policy coverage for the specific risks inherent in this type of work, especially if you are an oil field owner operator or you work in oil and gas drilling and transport.

Complex Scenarios Need Comprehensive Coverage

Insurance policies in this industry can protect against the risks involved in any number of areas and tasks. Well servicing, drilling, tong and casing operations and pumping involve the potential for equipment and property damage as well as injuries. Contracted roustabouts also run the risk of injury, and coverage should take all of these factors into account. With such a wide profile of complex scenarios, it’s important to find an insurance provider who knows the industry and can craft a policy that covers for unanticipated events that could bring about dramatic losses.

Industry-Specific Policies

Protecting oil and gas industry workers from the risk factors in their jobs is less complicated when you can consult with a qualified insurance professional. Oil and gas insurance in New Mexico is designed with this sector’s specific needs in mind.



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