Protect Yourself and Your Dog With Dog Bite Insurance

You and your dog are best friends and, accordingly, you go everywhere together. While these outings are usually fairly carefree and safe, you can never be sure of what the future brings. An aggressive dog at the bark park or a menacing stranger could trigger your dog to try and protect you in a violent manner. Sometimes even a dog belonging to the most responsible of pet owners bites an individual and causes an injury. This is why purchasing insurance for dog bites is an essential task for all responsible dog owners.

Benefits of Canine Liability Insurance

Few individuals talk about it, but dog-bite-related injuries are fairly commonplace. In fact, according to the CDC, dogs bite more than 4.7 million individuals every year in the United States and cause injuries that result in more than $400 million worth of medical and liability claims annually. This means that the likelihood that your dog could harm someone or be harmed by another dog is higher than most people might expect.

What the Insurance Includes

Homeowners and rental insurance policies often neglect to include dog-injury coverage, so purchasing coverage is your own responsibility. Furthermore, landlords may hesitate to rent to individuals with certain dog breeds unless they have dog bite insurance. Most insurance for dog bites covers both injuries to humans and other animals, including protection in the event the dog scrapes, scratches, bites and claws or causes a person to fall. Any breed commonly labeled as “dangerous” can be insured, such as pit bulls and rottweilers. Ensure that you have the coverage necessary in case such an event occurs.



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