Professional Liability Lurks in Daily Operations for Dentists

As a dental professional, you work hard to give your patients the level of care that meets not only your own high professional standards but all state regulations as well. However, even the best professionals at some point in their career may be accused of incompetence, misconduct, negligence, or otherwise unprofessional behavior– in other words, find themselves facing a dentist professional liability lawsuit. Are you protected in the event a patient accuses you of failing to properly diagnose or treat a condition which resulted in new or more injury? That’s not the only kind of problem that may lead to a lawsuit. The following situations resulted in costly legal battles for the unfortunate practice owners:
• Surgical errors
• Delayed diagnosis or treatment of conditions such as oral disease and other problems
• Not properly monitoring the progression of a patient’s oral disease or other condition
• Unnecessary tooth extractions (or mistakenly removing the wrong teeth)
• Infections cause by dental tools
• Injuries (both temporary and permanent) to the jaw, chin, lips, or the nerves or structure of the tongue
• Failure to resuscitate the patient, resulting in death
These kinds of malpractice lawsuits are typically long and can be extremely expensive. Besides the cost of retaining an attorney, you could be facing fees for investigations, expert opinions, and other court fees that can amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars as patients attempt to seek damages for everything from corrective treatment to lost wages and pain and suffering. The cost for defense, even if you are successful, could be enough to put you out of business.
These days, when people often file lawsuits at the drop of a hat, the best defense is a comprehensive insurance package. Contact a professional insurance agent, who can assemble a dentist professional liability program to protect you from this and a myriad of other risks that you face every day in the course of doing business.



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