Products Liability Insurance Protects Businesses

If you’re in business and you manufacture, distribute and sell products, then you need protection. Companies are sued all the time by people who’ve had an unfortunate experience using their product, even if the company is not at fault. Products liability insurance is available in Pennsylvania to protect you if this should ever happen.

General Coverage

Many policies are available, but in general, products liability coverage will protect against injuries caused by an inherent flaw in the product, either to the user or a bystander. This can include injuries from manufacturing defects and design issues, as well as poor hazard warnings that result in misuse. Protection can cover financial losses, compensatory damages, attorney fees, breaches of warranty, investigation costs, and even punitive damages in some cases.

You do not have to be aware of the product’s defect in order to be found liable, nor do you have to be negligent. Even if you took all the precautions you believed were necessary to produce a safe product, you can still be found responsible for any injuries resulting from use of your product.

Foreign Liability Coverage

In today’s global market, where products are manufactured and sold abroad or raw materials are purchased abroad, the risk exposure of a company is increased. It’s often impossible to sue foreign suppliers or distributors, and suppliers abroad often lack adequate liability protection. You can purchase insurance to cover foreign liability.

To find out more about products liability insurance in Pennsylvania, contact an agent today.



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