Why You Need Liquor Liability Insurance

If you own a business that serves alcohol, such as a restaurant, bar, or night club, you have certain risks that cannot be ignored. General liability insurance may not be enough to protect your establishment from alcohol-related claims. Bar liquor liability coverage can offer you better protection if your business is blamed for injury or other incidents. Instead of putting your business at risk, consider these reasons why you need liquor liability insurance.

Required Policy

In some circumstances, you may not have a choice about whether or not to get insurance for alcohol service. You may be required by law in some states to have bar liquor liability coverage for a business license. Your landlord or financial institution may also demand proof of insurance before you can open your doors.

Be Specific

General liability may not protect your establishment from claims related to alcohol. If you cut corners on your insurance coverage, you can find yourself out of business because you have to pay out-of-pocket for service-related incidents.

Fraud Protection

Like it or not, some people may take advantage of your establishment. With bar liquor liability coverage, your insurer may go the extra mile to mitigate potential fraudulent claims. You can continue running your business while your insurance company works to protect you.

Talk to your insurance agent about reviewing your policy and the need for additional coverage for alcohol service. Remember, your policies are there when you need them, but if you don’t have insurance, any risk is yours alone.




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