Do You Need Insurance as an Employed Lawyer?

When most people think of business insurance, they think it only applies to actual corporations. However, sometimes, individual people can benefit from business policies. Employed lawyers, for example, may want to invest in employed lawyers professional liability insurance.

Errors and Omissions

It is nearly impossible for a good lawyer to produce error-free work. Unfortunately, errors sometimes happen. When they do, they can jeopardize a legal case. Errors and omissions are often associated with legal malpractice. An employed lawyer may be held liable for their errors and could be held financially responsible.

Minimizing Risk

With the right insurance, it is easy to minimize the risk associated with these types of errors. An employed lawyer can purchase malpractice coverage so they do not suffer financially in the even of a problem. While the law firm might have coverage, it is important to protect yourself individually, especially because their coverage may not protect you.

In most cases, an employed lawyer will need different insurance than lawyers who have their own practice. For this reason, it is best to talk with an insurance agent before purchasing employed lawyers professional liability insurance. Together, you can decide what coverage is best for your needs, so you do not have to worry in the event of an error.



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