When the Mere Act of Eating Becomes a Death-Defying Feat

The mere act of eating can be a death-defying act these days. It seems that every week, the news features a story about tainted food and product recalls, from spinach to peanut butter, eggs and ground beef to ground turkey and more. Incidents have grown to staggering numbers—experts estimate that 50 million Americans become ill from eating unsafe food each year, resulting in countless missed workdays, more than 100,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. With so much at stake, if you are anywhere in the sustenance chain from farm to table, it’s a good idea to look at obtaining food insurance in Connecticut.

The biggest culprit: contamination

By and large, people get sick when something they consumed is tainted with bacteria. For instance, salmonella is one of the most common types of bacteria that is found in food—ranging from hazelnuts to bologna–and it can be not only dangerous but deadly. More than 1.4 million people suffer food-based illnesses caused by salmonella each year, and 400 people typically die. Salmonella poisoning is estimated to cost more than a staggering $1 billion each year.

E. coli is another common bacteria, which is picked up from the intestinal tract and waste of animals. There are many strains of this bacteria, with some being particularly dangerous to humans. Several recent news stories have reported E. coli being frequently found in beef products, and more recently, found in a number of fruit and vegetables, perhaps due to the produce coming into contact with water tainted with E. coli or manure. Industry experts have identified a growing trend that raises the risk of exposure to E. coli—meat producers who are trying to maximize profits by stretching ground beef using cheap cuts of meat from a variety of sources, which are more likely to have come into contact with animal waste that contains E. coli. The end result: more sick people, more illnesses, more deaths, and more exposure to risk from every one of these occurrences.

Let’s put everything out on the table

Talk to a professional insurance agent about food insurance in Connecticut. Your agent can share more information about the risks you face in the industry today, as well as set up a comprehensive program that addresses the exposures you face every day in your business. Call an agent today.



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