When Is Malpractice Insurance Required?

While it is not necessarily required by law, it can be useful to obtain malpractice insurance for Austin law firms. In the event a client sues one of your attorneys, a comprehensive insurance policy will help cover some of the costs associated with the trial and may even help pay the plaintiff should that party win the case.

Times When Legal Malpractice Can Be Proven

If one of your lawyers represented a client in a case and that individual feels as though he or she was not adequately represented, then that individual may file a malpractice lawsuit. Instances that may constitute malpractice include:

  • An attorney failed to secure a key witness
  • An attorney did not dedicate enough resources to researching a case
  • An attorney failed to meet a deadline
  • A negligent action performed by the attorney caused undue hardship on a client
  • An attorney caused a case to be dismissed due to inappropriate actions

Whether these actions were intentional or accidental, a client may feel like he or she is due some form of repayment. You do not want one of these lawsuits to catch your law firm off-guard, which is why numerous companies offer malpractice insurance for Austin law firms. You will be glad you have this coverage should something unexpected come up.



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