Major Concerns of Laundromat Owners

As a laundromat owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for your customers. Your locations are highly dependent on return business, so you want your customers to feel comfortable at all times. By doing so, you not only keep customers happy and returning on a regular basis, but by properly maintaining and securing your store, your employees will be more productive and you’ll be more profitable.


You’ll need to invest in Self-service laundromat insurance in the event injuries occur, machines breakdown, and other risks and exposures associated with these types of facilities. This will help in dealing with any claims or mechanical failures while making sure your store is operating at full potential. There are many dangers associated with this industry, and you should be prepared to deal with a few common concerns that may need to be addressed.


Dryer fires can present a serious danger


Dryer fires constitute perhaps the most costly and devastating property insurance claims for a lot of self-service laundries. You can help prevent fires by keeping lint screens clean and cleaning out ductwork on a regular basis. Fires can also result from improper installation, insufficient makeup air, as well as spontaneous combustion caused by garments containing grease stains and other flammable residues.


Protect against theft and vandalism


You should be taking preventative measures against overnight break-ins. Thieves target laundromats in an attempt to steal or break into coin changers. Having overnight security, and/or installing alarms and security cameras can greatly reduce the threat of a break-in.


Look for ways to improve your store


As things begin aging, make repairs or replace them. Customers can fall victim to slip and fall accidents due to water that has leaked from a machine and not been promptly mopped up. Using the proper flooring materials, installing adequate lighting, and having well-placed floor drains and sprinklers are all part of customer convenience and safety.


Your attendants are your best means of protection, should be trained on what to do if an incident occurs, be able to use fire extinguishers and shut off machines and utilities quickly and safely. They should contact emergency services whenever it’s required. Having Self-service laundromat insurance helps when problems arise, but being proactive about maintaining a safe environment can help reduce many risks.



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