Maintaining a Healthy Workplace to Reduce Liability

Many workers go to work sick because they don’t have sick days or they believe that it shows dedication to their job. Lost wages are the biggest reason that people come to work sick, even if they’re instructed to stay home. These unhealthy workers create many risks in the workplace, to employees, clients and customers. Businesses, especially staffing agencies have to be aware of the liabilities associated with allowing sick workers to continue at work. Have temporary staffing insurance, in the likelihood your business might be held accountable for an illness outbreak.

Be proactive to keep employees at home when they are contagious. Offer alternative work programs for employees who want to work through an illness. Offer benefits, such as a personal health day, to employees to prevent the loss of wages when they get sick. Yes, these benefits do cost money, but if your other staff is kept healthy, you gain even more productivity.

Make sure you talk to your staff about coming to work healthy. Cover your clients and your personnel by instructing employees to stay home when ill. Have temporary staffing insurance to manage a claim and protect your business assets if an extreme case occurs. Be successful by ensuring the health and well-being of your staff and clients.



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