The Long Reach of Liability Insurance

What is the coverage reach for attorney professional liability insurance? Fortunately, it is quite long. Here are some ways you and your firm are covered when you are doing tasks that are directly related to representation of a client.

Two Types of Coverage

First, it is important to know that there are usually two types of coverage in a liability policy. Indemnification coverage protects you from loss by covering defense of any civil suit brought to you by a client and any resulting judgments. Claims expense coverage specifically covers the fees associated with the defense.

Covered Services

There are many services that an attorney professional liability insurance policy will cover. In the course of legal practice you may provide notary public services or act as an executor of estates. These two duties are covered under your liability policy.

Any acts performed in the role of a professional organization are also covered whether you are an elected officer or on the membership roll. If you ever do title agent work, that is covered as well.

It is important to discuss the individual needs of you and your firm when you are considering what type of attorney professional liability insurance to get. A customized policy can be crafted that will take your individual circumstances into account.



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