Leveraging All-Inclusive Insurance for Nursing Homes

General liability and professional coverage is not enough insurance for nursing homes. These facilities are open to additional risk simply because of the what they do. As an agent, it’s important to work with an insurance wholesaler that can include all necessary protections for the home and its directors.

For Example…

Assume your client is a facility director who is responsible for the care of 100 residents. She and four other officers are on the home’s board, and she employs 25 workers, one of which is a beautician responsible for haircuts.

Necessity of Coverage

The beautician cuts a patient’s ear and the wound becomes infected. An orderly is abusing patients. The families sue the home and its officers. The policy is inadequate. The home closes. Insurance for nursing homes should include

  • Excess liability over and above professional and general liability
  • Property coverage, including resident’s personal belongings and Business
  • Interruption Insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Boiler, machinery and facility insurance
  • Protection from theft and crime
  • Workers’ compensation, directors, officers and Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Resident’s rights coverage, non-exclusion physical and sexual abuse rider
  • Barbers and beauticians insurance

Insurance for nursing homes should also include a comprehensive risk management plan that prevents liability in the first place. An experienced insurance wholesaler can leverage both the policy and risk management plan to get your facility directors the protection they need.



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