How Legal Malpractice Can Happen

Legal malpractice is the label for any mistake in legal representation that has negative monetary consequences to the client. No legal specialization is immune to malpractice claims. That is why law firm malpractice insurance is so important to have. Here are some of the ways legal malpractice can happen in an otherwise reputable and responsible firm.

Attorney Negligence

Attorney negligence can be claimed by a client when he or she feels that a legitimate case was dismissed because of your negligence in representation. If a client feels that you did not represent them properly, he or she can file a malpractice claim.

Failure to Act

A failure to act can be as simple as missing a filing deadline or failing to act before a statute of limitation deadline. It can also happen if the client feels that you failed to call witnesses that were pertinent to his or her case.

Action on a Lawyer’s Behalf

Even actions by legal assistants in your firm can be subject to a malpractice suit if the client feels that they have been financially or legally injured by your staff’s negligence. Law firm malpractice insurance can cover the attorneys as well as the support staff of a firm.

Attorneys in private practice can expect to have one to three malpractice claims over the course of their career. Most claims are frivolous, but by maintaining coverage for your firm, you will be confident that you will be protected against any mistake that may happen.



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