Laundromat Protection: When Coverage Should Match Your Business

No laundromat is run the same. There is variety in equipment, size, products used and even the building. With most business’s being computerized, data breaches are also a concern for some. Insurance companies, then, have to adapt to evolving risks. There are two main types of insurance to have on your radar: property and liability. However, there are also some specific coverages that are vital to keep in mind.

Coverages That Keep Laundromat Diversity in Mind

Customized insurance packages are catered to your business’s specific needs and are crucial to companies big and small. Say that you have a vehicle designated for the services that your laundromat provides and it breaks down. Repair fees are one thing, and time lost is yet another expense that has to be made up. Wouldn’t it be easier if those costs were covered by laundromat insurance?

Specialized coverage takes into account a business’s size, equipment and purpose. Some components of the packages may include the following:

  • General liability
  • Boiler & machinery
  • Property
  • Business auto
  • Umbrella
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Mysterious disappearances
  • Boxed storage

Imagine the burden you’ll be free of when you attain laundromat insurance that can cover all of these costs and more. Problems come up, but your investments don’t have to be lost.



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