Keep Business Running Smoothly with Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance

Protecting others is the name of the game when you’re an insurance agent. However, you’ve probably never stopped to think that you might need a bit of protection yourself in order to ensure you’re not going to be subjected to expensive legal accusations during the line of business. Insurance agents errors and omission insurance protects you from a wide variety of threats specific to your line of work and helps to make sure you can get your job done efficiently and effectively in the coming years. You’ll be protected from a number of common threats, including:

  • Any damages that might occur from miscommunications with clients and customers that result in a loss or other complication.
  • Any legal costs that result from an on-the-job accusation. Even if you aren’t found accountable for the losses that occur to the customer, the litigation costs can be expensive, so having this coverage is extremely helpful in most situations.
  • A situation in which a client is aware of a policy, but claims not to be after an accident has already occurred in which they take a loss.These are just a few of the things that insurance agents errors and omission insurance protects you from in your line of duty. Speak to your professional of choice to learn about even more protection options and great benefits.



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