Insurance Programs Tailored to Your Business Needs

There are a variety of recreational marine programs available to business owners looking to get an insurance quote for their place of operation. Whether seeking yacht club insurance programs or policies geared towards marinas, commercial fishing outfits or boat rentals, programs are available which can be tailored to the specific nature of the business and to the necessary terms of insurance required to cover them.

In the case of yacht clubs, marine and non-marine policies are available and can be combined to cover all facets of the operation, including services such as boat rentals, boat sales and storage, along with coverage for yacht club hotels, restaurants and shops. Property coverage is available for real and personal property, equipment, boat shows, piers and more. General Liability as well as liability coverages such as Marina Operators Legal Liability, Pollution, and Ship Repairers Legal Liability are also available.

Yacht club insurance programs are an example of many that can be placed into effect for your maritime business operation. When reviewing and comparing programs, ensure that your insurance coverage meets with all facets of your business. Qualified professionals are available which can assist in this process and ensure that all of your insurance needs are being met and addressed.










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