Insurance Plans for Contractors and Construction Companies

Contractors and construction companies need tailored insurance plans in order to be completely covered. General insurance plans and policies based around different business are not adequate at covering exactly what this type of endeavor entails. That is why plans which are tailored to contractors and construction companies are a requirement for success. What do plans like this entail that goes above and beyond standard plans?

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk Insurance is a great addition to any standard liability policy. This type of coverage is designed to insure structures which are under construction. Protecting the structure you are building is paramount to ensuring your business’s success. Builders Risk Insurance even covers those items which are waiting to be installed in your building.

Pollution Liability

Pollution is a big concern for many industries, including construction. That is why pollution liability is so important. This type of policy covers the cost of any cleanup of polluting chemicals, as well as any settlements regarding property damage or injury. This is a great way to make sure that any accidents are cleaned up properly and those injured are adequately compensated without all of it having to come directly out of your pocket.

Getting the coverage you need is of the utmost importance. Get insurance plans tailored to the specific demands of your industry and make sure your business doesn’t suffer due to insufficient coverage.



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