Not All Injuries Are Covered by Workers Compensation

Keeping your business afloat during this slowly recovering economy has its own substantial challenges for many companies. One such challenge is when an on-the-job accident or injury occurs, triggering a workers compensation in Florida claim. But in some cases, such events are not covered—causing surprise to the employer and employee alike. That’s what happened at a local manufacturing company that makes garden statuary and supplies it sells largely within the state.

All by himself, a worker was attempting to load a large, heavy stone tortoise onto a truck to deliver to a customer. The statue weighed more than 200 pounds and the worker should have sought help to move the item—that was a grave mistake. The tortoise statue slipped and crashed down on the worker’s foot, breaking several bones. The worker received immediate medical attention, which was when an even more drastic mistake was discovered: the worker was under the influence of illegal drugs. This discovery meant that what would have been a basic claim for a workplace injury became grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

According to state law, coverage will not be paid for a variety of reasons, including  but not limited to:

  • When injury or death is due primarily to an employee being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • When the injury or death results from an employee’s specific intent to injure or kill himself or someone else
  • When the employee’s injury or death is covered under various acts (some of which apply to specific jobs, such as that of a seaman or crew member), such as the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, or the Jones Act

To learn the specifics about workers compensation in Florida, talk to a professional insurance agent who can provide comprehensive information about this important coverage, exclusions, and other details you should know about.



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