The Importance of Insurance for Visiting Nurse Associations

Visiting Nurse Associations care for patients in the comfort of the patient’s home. This can be more comfortable and provide privacy for patients but can also make VNAs vulnerable. Because the services provided are unlike most other services, specialty insurance for VNAs is needed.

Auto Insurance for VNAs

As awful as they are, automobile accidents do happen and they can happen while a nurse is working. Since nurses go out to patient homes, it is possible that they may get into an accident while on the job. For these unfortunate circumstances, insurance can help take care of any damages.

Liability Insurance Related to Employment Practices

Just as with any business, VNAs can be vulnerable to allegations of lawsuits related to employment practices. These can be related to alleged discrimination and wrongful termination, among others. Specialty insurance for VNAs can anticipate these costs and help recoup them.

Coverage for Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

VNAs might also find themselves in a lawsuit involving their directors and officers. These kinds of allegations can range from financial, legal breaches or conflict of interests. Insurance for VNAs might be able to assist with some of the costs for these kinds of lawsuits.

VNAs are vulnerable in a lot of ways that other companies are not. The kind of service they provide is focused and sensitive. By insuring their practice, they can focus on taking care of their patients instead of their liability and expenses.



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