How Much Insurance Does My Construction Company Need?

Builders undertake great risks every day. In Clifton, construction insurance is available in many different policy formats to protect you against those risks. You’ll need to be sure that your general liability policy is extensive enough to keep you from incurring loss, but not so extensive as to break your budget with premiums. A qualified insurance agent can assist with that, and make sure you have what you need without excessive cost.

An agent that’s knowledgeable in the field of construction will help you analyze your policies and make sure that your coverage is up to the legal standards, in addition to being robust enough to keep your company out of trouble. Different states have different requirements, and you need a policy that complies with the regulations. You also need to take into account the size of the projects that you do, and the potential losses that you face. Experts in the field can help you determine all of that, and what additional coverages you might need. Your work may require that you carry errors and omissions coverage, or perhaps pollution coverage. You may need to increase the limits in some regards, while decreasing from the standards in others. Your specific position in the industry will have significant impact on the coverages you require.



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