First Gate Offers Coverage for Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

A mobile or manufactured home is still a home, and it should be covered with a homeowner’s insurance policy just as a single-family dwelling should be. First Gate is an insurance company in Florida that understands people love their mobile or manufactured homes as much as any other homeowner, which is why this company offers specialized insurance to meet their coverage needs.

Physical Damages to Mobile and Manufactured Homes

There is a joke that if you live in a mobile home in Florida it will be demolished by a tornado. While First Gate certainly hopes this never happens, windstorm protection is part of its insurance offerings. Other coverage includes

  • Burst pipes and other flooding
  • Fire
  • Lightening
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

You want to make certain your home is protected against any of these circumstances in the event you do suffer a loss. The cost to repair or your replace your home could be devastating.

Other Protection

You must also protect yourself against liability. People slip and fall just as easily inside or outside a mobile or manufactured home as much as they do on other properties, and they are also just as likely to sue you should this happen. Make certain you’re covered against liability claims as well by securing a comprehensive homeowner’s policy from First Gate.



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