What to Expect When Investing in Marina Insurance

Before you meet up with your marina insurance brokers of choice, it’s always best to know a bit about what to expect throughout the upcoming process. Marina insurance protects yacht clubs and other, similar ocean-side marina-based businesses from some of the most common threats they face, like hurricanes and potential environmental harm, and is something which any owner should consider.

What They Offer

As is the case with any type of insurance program, different marina insurance brokers will offer different coverage packages when it comes to businesses. However, some of the most basic protection includes relief in the event of a hurricane or other serious weather issue your business might encounter. Some excellent companies even offer comprehensive packages that present a combination of marine and nonmarine protection for your business.

Applicable Businesses

While most businesses that rely on the water can benefit from contacting marina insurance brokers about their needs, not all businesses are applicable. Some of the most commonly insured options include:

  • Marinas and yacht clubs
  • Boat dealerships
  • Marina and dock builders
  • Ship repairers

There are other options available as well, and contacting your broker of choice is the best way to determine your particular business’s eligibility. Waste no time in getting your business and finances the protection they need.



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