Essential Insurance Coverage for Paper Distributors

Paper distributors are faced with many workplace hazards as part of their jobs. Daily work schedules involve labor in large warehouses and a significant amount of time in delivery vehicles. To keep up with the demands of the business, movement from the warehouse to delivery cannot be interrupted. That’s why paper distributors insurance should cover injury as well as wages.


The Real Cost of Injury


Keeping the distribution chain moving involves warehouse equipment, physical exertion, and time on the road. All three parts of the chain are factors that are likely to cause injury, no matter how careful workers are on the job. Employee medical leave not only costs in hospital bills and follow-up treatments, but also in overtime wages paid to other employees covering extra shifts.


Workers Compensation Coverage


The right workers compensation insurance policy for a paper distributor will include coverage for medical costs as well as the extra wages paid. Employees out on leave will still collect wages if they have a true workers compensation claim. That cost plus overtime for shift coverage should be a part of any paper distributors insurance policy in order to cover wages and keep up with demand.


Workers compensation insurance is essential for paper distributors due to the nature of their work. Policies that cover medical costs as well as wages are not just essential for employee well-being, but for the health of the company, too.



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