EO Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Your New Jersey business can be a busy place with many employees, and mistakes are sometimes made. Most can be corrected during the course of the work day, but you can suffer devastating results if your company is not covered for a mistake that results in a financial loss or an injury to a customer. However, you will experience a whole new level of security if you have EO insurance in New Jersey.

Comprehensive Coverage

A commercial general liability policy simply does not cover every contingency, so many professionals add EO insurance in New Jersey. Coverage includes:

  • Your legal expenses
  • Damage awards
  • Out-of-court settlements up to the limits set in your policy

Some policies will even cover your legal bills starting at the outset of a filed claim, and provide for coverage when an employee retires, according to your needs.

A Welcome Addition

You may already have a commercial general liability policy for your company but find you are missing the coverage that EO insurance in New Jersey provides. Many professionals, from attorneys and accountants to engineers and architects, appreciate the added protection. They know that just one small mistake has the potential of crippling their hard-earned business. An insurance expert can give you all the information you need about errors and omissions coverage and put your mind at ease.




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