Digital Marketing Solutions for Insurance Agents

There are many insurance marketing ideas floating around that any agent interested in increasing leads, or generating clients can draw upon. Digital marketing, including Internet marketing, is an effective strategy to implement if you haven’t done so already.


This means setting up a website with a strong call to action, industry-specific product pages and a blog section to engage clients and prospects and to keep your site fresh, which is great for search. Google loves content so the more you add to your website, the better off you are – as long as it’s good content. Content marketing works best when you create and share interesting content that is meant to help consumers. People respond much better when they feel you’re providing helpful or useful information. Once they show interest, then you can start developing the sort of relationship that leads to sales.


It also means creating social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Twitter, to share your blogs and post relevant information about your agency, your staff, the community you serve, new products, etc. Consider creating videos, which will people will respond to. Make the information or entertaining.


Additionally, tie your email campaigns to your website with specific product information that takes your customers and prospects to corresponding landing pages with a call to action to generate leads. Perhaps tie in a recent event – like a data breach that occurred in an industry sector you serve – and write about cyber coverage and how it is designed to response to such losses. The key to remember is to keep in constant communication with your prospects, taking them on a journey with various touchpoints so that at some point they are bound to connect with you and call or fill out an online form.


Working with an insurance marketing expert with experience is always helping in having a successful integrated digital marketing campaign work for you.



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