How Crime Insurance Keeps Your Cash Flow Safe

Crime is simply an unfortunate fact of the business world. Regardless of what kind of products you sell or what services you offer to the public, if you earn a profit then you’re a target for crime. While those who aren’t active in the business community might not think it a terrible epidemic, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has recently estimated that business owners lose a whopping 6 percent of profits from employee-related losses on average. Fortunately, crime coverage insurance steps up to the plate to mitigate crime-related losses which standard business insurance simply can’t handle.

Crime coverage insurance can’t stop crime from occurring, but it can keep your important funds and assets safe in the long run by offering you proper reimbursement for the losses you experience in the aftermath of a crime. While standard business insurance policies offer little in the way of recovering funds lost through stolen checks or cash, crime insurance specializes in this area and does its best to get you the funds you deserve. It also covers a much wider range of threats, including:

• Employee dishonesty
• Computer Fraud
• Robbery
• Safe burglary
• Embezzlement

While these are only some of the threats which crime coverage insurance protects your business from, they’re some of the most hefty, hard-hitting crimes which your business faces. Having this extra layer of protection allows you to perform your business with peace of mind.



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