Create a Backup Plan for the Unthinkable

You never think it could happen to you. No one expects the worst. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Your vape shop is the product of your hard work, and you don’t want to risk that investment on the whims of fate. The right vape shop insurance protects your business from all kinds of problems, from lawsuits to natural disasters and everything in between.

Where to Start Your Search

Look for an insurance company that’s well-established and specializes in insuring new or unusual types of business. Your insurance agent should have plenty of industry experience to enable them to accurately assess your business’s needs. Be sure to discuss any specific types of coverage you want to make sure your policy is tailored to your business.

What Your Policy Should Include

Any commercial insurance policy should include basics such as general liability, property, and product liability coverage. Vape shop insurance, however, should also feature a few areas of coverage specific to your line of business. These areas might include:

Proper investigation and proof coverage in the event of exploding batteries or nicotine
High- and low-risk coverage options to accommodate your specific store’s needs
No E-liquid sublimit in case of a major loss
A flexible deductible in the event a of a claim

You hope that you’ll never need it, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad you made the investment. Vape shop insurance is a long-term backup plan that will prevent you from having to cover disasters on your own dime, so you can get back to business.



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