Why Your Country Club Needs Workers’ Compensation

There are many moving pieces when it comes to owning a country club including golf courses and golf carts, restaurants, bars and the grounds. While this industry is undeniably profitable, ensuring the safety of your employees can prove difficult due to the sheer number you are in charge of managing. This factor is one reason why obtaining country club workers’ comp should be at the top of your priority list.

Each aspect of country club operations presents its own potential hazards. For example, the grounds can be quite expansive and landscapers who work with heavy duty electrical equipment can easily sustain injuries. If one of your groundkeepers finds themselves with mounting medical bills and forced time off work, your ability to pay for their medical treatment and compensate them for the days they miss is critical for the continued success of your business.

Country club workers’ comp not only takes care of your employees; it also protects your business in several ways. First, it provides protection from lawsuits that may arise from injuries employees receive while on the job. Second, it sends a message to staff members that you are an employer who has their best interest in mind, helping to decrease the chances that disgruntled employees will tarnish the good name of your country club.

It is clear that the premium you pay for country clubs workers’ comp is well worth the financial and professional security it offers. It is, quite simply, a smart business move.



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