Connecticut Car Insurance

Connecticut car insurance is necessary for all people who own or drive cars. Just like any other law, there are penalties for violation of this one. Here are some of the consequences that you might expect if you are caught driving without auto insurance.

Heavy Fines

Driving without auto insurance is not cheap. The fines for driving without car insurance are to be paid in addition to the other violations you were pulled over for. You will be required to pay the costs to have your license and vehicle registration reinstated.

Insurance Premium Hikes

If you are caught driving without Connecticut car insurance, you can expect an increase in your insurance premiums going forward. This is in addition to the fines that you will be paying anyway. The cost of insurance is worth paying to avoid these fines and costs.

Traffic Ticket

The violation of driving without insurance is serious. While it is possible in some instances to provide proof of insurance after the fact within a certain time period after the citation, it is generally just a good idea to always drive with your insurance card handy.

Driving without auto insurance is never worth it. Talk to an auto insurance company today about the right Connecticut car insurance policy for you to protect you from these consequences.



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