Complete Data Transfer With NetXPORT XML Integration

In the insurance underwriting field, large amounts of data are associated with every instance of policy underwriting and generation. Since the modern industry requires many cases of transferring information from place to place for the various steps in the process of policy underwriting and issuance, there is a high likelihood that data will be input redundantly at different steps in the process. The results of redundant data can be inefficient and potentially troublesome, particularly with inconsistent data entry. With NetXPORT XML Integration Module, the risks of double entry, erroneous entry, or missed data are virtually eliminated, and efficiency of underwriting and issuance procedures will increase substantially.

Transfer All Data With Every XML Document

The NetXPORT XML Integration Module system includes every bit of data, whether user-input or rating system-generated data that has accumulated as part of the underwriting and policy rating process in each XML transmission. The risk of redundancy involved in multiple re-entry of key data such as coverage and premium information, classification data, rating factors, and insured information is reduced, and operational efficiency increases, with the assurance of complete data included with every XML transfer. For Program Administrators, Managing General Administrators (MGAs), and Insurance Carriers, the improved efficiency and certainty of data that can be gained with NetXPORT systems add up to make a more cost-effective and productive process in insurance rating, underwriting and policy issuance.



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