Common Concerns Facing Convenience Store Owners

A convenience store offers patrons the opportunity to pick up a few needed items in a short span of time. They carry a variety of products, usually those with a longer shelf life than those items found in most markets, designed to meet the needs of the on-the-go shopper. Many of these “quick-stop” shops offer other services, such as gasoline and diesel fuel, car washes, and even beer and wine where permitted.


While a convenience store can conceivably carry many consumer products, there are still similar risks and concerns with operating a business of this sort, including liability concerns pertaining to the property your business resides on, along with the products and services you provide to customers.


It’s important to maintain sanitary conditions, adhere to strict housekeeping standards, and keep the property safe from obstruction and other foreseeable dangers. It is essential and crucial to provide a clean and safe environment, and you’ll need Convenience stores insurance for a number of exposures you could possibly face.


Property exposure exists from many ignition sources


Gasoline and other fuels are highly toxic and extremely flammable. Avoid allowing cars to run their engines while fueling up, and carefully monitor any equipment, for example, food heating units, refrigerators, etc., that may overload or be prone to overheating. If you do provide gasoline sales, there’s the additional exposure to the fumes as well as the potential for a fire or an explosion.


Other common concerns to consider


Crime exposure is an issue as the possibility of employee dishonesty, or the theft of money and securities exists. In addition, this type of business offers an attractive location for holdups due to operating during both late night, and early morning hours.


Premises liability exposure comes from the possibility of slips and falls occurring to both, workers and patrons, whether from oil spills and auto residue outside, or wet floors inside bathrooms and/or store area floors.


Liquor liability exposures are mostly from selling liquor to underage individuals and those who may already be intoxicated are something that could pose a serious concern. You may need automobile liability exposure, which is generally limited to hired or non-ownership liability exposures from employees using their vehicles to perform errands.


While there maybe a slew of other coverages to consider, with so many concerns, now is the time to speak to an agent about your Convenience stores insurance needs.



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