Clever Suggestions Provided by Marketers

Having a well-planned marketing strategy can help you to generate a customer base, one that already has your insurance agency’s name in mind when they are contemplating purchasing insurance. There are insurance marketing services available for helping to create a strong marketing plan that will ultimately boost your agency’s visibility.


Going mobile is an essential part of any marketing strategy in today’s technology-driven society. People are constantly using their smartphones to navigate throughout most of their day. It will pay dividends if you make your website mobile-friendly so that it’s always accessible to people on their devices.


Create slide shares, podcasts, and webinars


Part of your marketing strategy should include educating prospective clients about the value of your services and your insurance products. Podcasts and webinars are a couple of inexpensive online tools that can help you do just that. You’ll come off as an insurance expert in your client’s mind, and become their go-to when inquiring about the services you provide.


It pays to advertising online, and the web provides plenty of ad space. You may want to start out by sponsoring a site, creating a banner, or using a pay-per-click ad. Customers expect a degree of Internet savvy from the professionals they’ll be working with, and that certainly includes their insurance agents. Show them you’re on top of your game.


A referral agreement is another popular avenue to consider. Having a mutually beneficial partnership between you and members of your professional network can really gain you an advantage. This is a great arrangement that helps you both by sharing leads with one another. For example, you might share business leads with a real estate agent who then passes his or her clients on to you.


Ultimately, enlisting in insurance marketing services will give your insurance agency a leg up on some of the more tried and true ways of increasing your book of business. It really is just a matter of figuring out what your customers need and showing them how your business addresses those needs.



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