Does Your Business Need Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance?

Businesses without the resources to purchase company vehicles may have to rely on rental vehicles, or even enlist the personal conveyances of their employees on a daily basis. In this case, securing hired non owned auto insurance is essential to making certain a business remains covered if an accident occurs.


What Is Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance?


Hired non owned auto insurance offers coverage for vehicles used to perform work tasks that are not owned by the company in question. This includes rental vehicles, as well as employee vehicles used throughout the work day.


Are These Policies Right for Your Company?


In some cases, it may not be economically feasible for a company to purchase a fleet of vehicles. In this event, vehicles may need to be rented, or a company may allow workers to use their own personal conveyances to perform vital duties.


If an accident should occur while a hired or non-owned vehicle is being used in this capacity, the results can be financially staggering. Your company may be tasked with paying for expensive repairs, in addition to covering any medical expenses occurring as a result. Even if an employee’s vehicle retains coverage, it may not be suitable if the amount of damages exceed the coverage limits.


Protect Your Business With the Right Insurance


Hired non owned auto insurance is crucial for businesses relying on non-owned vehicles to perform vital work functions. With the right policy in place, you can rest assured that work can proceed as expected no matter what occurs.



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