Business Insurance: Are You Fully Protected?

Your business faces dozens of risks every day, from natural disasters to lawsuits, and theft to accidents. Without insurance all the hard work that you put in to build your company could all disappear in an instant. Whether you run a small mom-and-pop shop or a multi-million dollar company you need the protection that a tri-state insurance group can offer.


The Basics on Business Insurance


Business insurance from a tri-state insurance group protects your company and its assets from losses. Even small companies with few assets can still be sued, and in those cases business insurance can shield you from personal liability as the owner. It covers everything from the buildings and machinery inside your office to the vehicles you use and the people you employ.


Types of Insurance for Your Company


The right insurance coverage for your business depends a lot on what kind of company you run and what specific risks you face. Basic coverages include:

  • Property and casualty insurance to protect the physical assets of your business
  • Liability insurance to protect against lawsuits
  • Business interruption coverage in case of natural or manmade disasters that prevent you from conducing regular business operations
  • Commercial auto insurance for company vehicles
  • Workers compensation to protect your employees if they get injured on the job
  • Other policies can protect against risks specific to your business, such as flood insurance, marine coverage, cyber liability, product liability, errors & omissions, directors & officers, equipment breakdown, and more


If your business doesn’t have the protection you need, discuss your business operations and outline the risks you may face with a tri-state insurance group so you can get the right coverage.



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