The Basics of Attorney Professional Liability Insurance

Most private attorneys know they should protect themselves against the possibility of malpractice claims. Nevertheless, they may not understand the process for selecting and using attorney professional liability insurance.


Shopping for Coverage


These days lawyers can obtain coverage fairly easily. The Internet offers a quick and convenient way to get started. A quick online search may also reveal how many attorney professional liability insurance providers are located in a particular state or region. This information may be helpful if a shopper prefers face-to-face contact with an insurance representative. Many provider websites allow lawyers to request quotes online. After comparing different options, an attorney or legal group can select an insurance package that is tailored to their particular needs.


Policies May Cover a Variety of Claims


Clients may make a variety of allegations that apply to different legal scenarios, such as:


  • Missed statutes of limitations
  • Clerical errors
  • Drafting errors
  • Failure to timely file or respond


It is impossible to know what the future will bring, so it would be wise to have insurance for a variety of claims. In the event that a client does file a malpractice claim, the policy will protect the attorney or legal group from legal costs that could otherwise cause the practice to be financially strapped or even go under.


Rest Easy that the Risks Have Been Minimized


Fortunately, shopping for attorney professional liability insurance is fairly straightforward. Once a policy is purchased, lawyers can rest easy that their practice is protected.



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