Assault and Battery Coverage in a Bar Insurance Policy

If you run a bar, then you face some unique risks that not every business is going to encounter. For example, when some people get a little too drunk, they may be more inclined to start a fight. You could be viewed as liable if a fight breaks out in your bar and someone gets hurt, so when you obtain bar insurance, make sure there is coverage related to assault and battery charges.

Helps Cover Medical Expenses

Whether one of your employees or a patron gets hurt during a fight, you may be the one who has to cover the medical expenses. Depending on the extent of the injuries, the costs may really start to add up. With a comprehensive insurance policy, your insurance will cover the expenses instead of you having to pay out of your bar’s income.

Helps in the Event of a Lawsuit

All it takes it one out of control customer to drastically alter your company’s reputation. Heading to court eats up a lot of time and money, but fortunately, having bar insurance will help you out if a fight leads to this. You can start mounting your defense so that you will be more likely to make it out on the other side of the lawsuit okay.

Assault and battery are coverages highly recommended for bars. Unfortunately, it is a risk bars face that other businesses do not have to worry about too much. When getting bar insurance, make sure your policy includes it.



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