Are You Using Your Website Effectively?

There is no shortage of insurance agents out there and nearly every one of them is online. If you’re not, you’re missing out on one of the key insurance agent marketing ideas. Here are five ways you can build your clientele with a website.

  1. Tell What You Sell – If a person is looking for a particular kind of coverage, will they be able to tell if you provide it? Include a page that lists all the types of coverage you offer.
  2. Use a Slide Show or Video – There’s a reason television is so popular: it’s easy to watch. Use informational and/or entertaining pieces so the future customer can sit back, relax and learn about your services.
  3. Be Mobile Friendly – More than half of digital media users are on mobile devices, so it’s vital that your website works on them. As an added benefit, users are just one click away from giving you a call.
  4. Use PDF Files – If you have a brochure you can physically give clients, why not make a PDF version they can access digitally?
  5. Join Pinterest – Consider pinning beautiful items you can insure, such as jewelry or cars.

Making the most of your website is one of the insurance agent marketing ideas that should not be ignored. Giving clients the information they want, and making it easy to get to, can make for happy customers.



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