5 New EEOC Initiatives Help Protect Staffing Firms From Liability

Like most businesses, staffing firms deal with many different kinds of people-related issues on a daily basis, but you don’t want any of those issues to appear in the form of a lawsuit. To that end, employment practices liability insurance helps protect staffing firms against claims that might be brought by employees or job candidates. In connection with this effort, you’ll want to keep current on the new initiatives developed by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

A Long Time Coming

The EEOC opened in 1964; most people are aware that Title VII, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or sex, is part of the original act. Five new initiatives add significant details:

  1. Religious discriminations and accommodation. An employer cannot refuse to hire an individual because of his or her religious affiliations.
  2. Transgender protections. Title VII has expanded, with fair and equal protection being afforded to the LGBT population.
  3. Systemic investigations. Used primarily as an enforcement tool, this speaks to any discriminatory practices that might come to light in a court case.
  4. Narrowing the “gender pay gap.” This initiative is geared toward enforcing federal equal pay laws.
  5. Background checks. Hiring practices that exclude a jobseeker because of his or her criminal record may be eliminated.

Keeping Current With the EEOC

Maintaining compliance with the new EEOC initiatives greatly enhances the protection that employment practices liability insurance provides for your staffing firm. Stay on top of updates, and you can return your focus to normal people-related tasks with no legal worries to disrupt your work day.



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