3 Ways to Protect Your Classic Car

When it comes to your collector car, protection is of the most importance. It goes beyond just purchasing a car cover and tucking it away in the garage. You want to keep your investment well protected, so its important to adhere to some essential tips. Here are a few ways to safeguard your new baby.

Purchase a Good Insurance Policy

Consider purchasing collector car insurance in NJ. This is one of the best ways to protect your investment. Here are a few additional reasons to insure it:

  • Lower Premiums
    Many insurance companies offer low premiums for collector cars.
  • Protects All Drivers
    Most plans can be tailored to cover anyone driving the vehicle, not just the owners
  • Medical Reimbursement
    If you regularly take your classic car to antique shows, then you might want to consider medical reimbursement in case anyone gets hurt or injured.

Store it Properly

Keep your antique car indoors as much as possible, and consider using a car cover as well. Find one that is form fitting, but also soft and breathable. Its also a good idea to keep the parking break in the off position and set the car on wheel chocks.

Keep it Clean

Try not to let a stain sit for too long before treating it. Avoid using too much water, and instead lightly dab a moist cloth over the area and dry immediately with a hair dryer on a low setting. Its also important to regularly wash and wax the exterior of your collector car.

By keeping your car fully protected with a collector car insurance in NJ policy, youre securing your investment. With the right policy, youll be able to enjoy your beautiful car for many years to come. Call an insurance agent today to get started.


photo credit: jerbec cc



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