3 Types of Incidents Covered by Ship Repairers Insurance Brokers

Because of the complexity and nuances involved with insuring ship repairers, it takes a specialty insurance company to make sure that you have the proper protection. There are no blanket policies that cover everything, because then you could end up paying for policies you don’t need. However, there are a few policies that are more commonly needed than others.

1. Damages to Watercraft

Ship repairers insurance brokers can offer coverage to ship repairers for watercraft and even equipment that is under their care while they have custody and control of it. This type of insurance is helpful in the event of accidents.

2. Third Party Incidents

If something unforeseen happens to third party property while it is being used or worked on by a ship repairer, it will typically need to be covered by a ship repairers insurance policy in order to be considered eligible for reimbursement.

3. Personal Injuries

During daily operations, there are many hazardous situations that can arise and cause physical harm to ship repairers. By having the right insurance policies in place, you can avoid having to pay costly medical expenses resulting from accidents.

By having the right policies provided for you by ship repairers insurance brokers, you can eliminate the threat of profit loss that accidents can cause. You will be better able to focus on doing efficient, quality work and satisfying your clients. You deserve to have the best kind of insurance policies for your industry.



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